Our qualified staff of professionals will ensure that you will get the very best of your relaxing holiday. An individual treatment programm can be developed according to your interests and preferences. At the spa center at  Ice Angels hotel different types of massages are offered:

Body Massage:
Classical massage – that kind of massage has a reviving influence on the whole body. The aromatic oils stimulate your physical and emotional condition, providing relief to stiff muscles;
Relaxing massage – an inevitable health-giving treatment after stressful official meanings, that relaxing body massage will release you from both physical and psychological pressure gathered;
Sport massage – that special kind of massage is appropriate for any kind of muscular tightness, thus is equally efficient to professional and non-professional sportsmen (women) before or after sport activities.

Partial massage:
Head and facial massage – stimulating blood pressure, that kind of massage is particularly used for headaches, strong stress and hyperactivity, restores balance of your skin and state of mind;

Palm and feet zone therapy – that reflex logical type of massage influences separate points on the body and feet as a treatment of stress and other unhealthy conditions, works for total improvements of body conditions:
Head and neck massage – a therapist massage for stabilizing blood pressure, stress-releasing and body relaxing

Anti-cellulite massage – a special medical treatment is improved for getting rid of cellulite and preserving of skin elasticity.

Reiki massage – energy points therapy, giving harmony to body and soul. An ancient method of acquiring physical and spiritual peace, leading to total physical relaxation.

Aromatherapy, relax – that kind of massage is based on the curative properties of the aromatherapy oils made from different herbs and plants such as geranium, lavender, rosemary, rose, which has a strong stress relieving, detoxifying, balancing and revitalizing effect on your moods and physiology through inhalation and application to the skin.

Honey massage – as a pure ecological product with diversity of curative features, honey massage smoothens your skin and makes it smooth and shiny.