National naturale park Rila Mountain

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The Rila national park

Including one of the major protected areas in Bulgaria – The Rila National park - the Rila mountain with its magnificent forests, large meadows, variety of rocks, caves, deep canyons, numerous lakes and waterfalls is a main attraction not only of winter sports admirers and mountain enthusiasts, but anyone wishing to have both relaxing and adventurous holiday. Its name originates from the old Tracian word “roula”, which means “a lot of water”. There are more than 200 lakes, some of them dating back from the Ice Age, many mineral water springs, providing excellent opportunities for spa and health treatments and as a whole Rila mountain form a major part of the country’s water resources. The average height of Rila mountain is of above 2,700 meters and includes the highest peak in the Balkan Peninsula – Mussala, which is at altitude of 2,925 meters. Being famous with its considerable number of protected and valuable ecosystems, since February 24, 1992 the natural heritage of Rila Mountain was pronounced as the Rila National park, listed as Category 2 by the World Conservation Union (IUCN). Rila mountain offers numerous opportunities for any kind of tourism – ecotourism, historical and local tourism, extreme sports activities as hiking and biking. At an altitude of 1,350 meters on the northern slopes of Rila mountain among the magnificent pine forests the Borovets resort is situated.